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Principal, Tanika Hardin, M.Ed.
Program Assistant, John Sproles

Secretary, Holly Denton

Mission Statement:
It is the mission of Haynesfield School to provide the best education for every student enabling them to lead fulfilling and productive lives in a diverse society. We strive to know and meet the needs of individual students and work cooperatively with caregivers and community leaders to make Haynesfield a great place for children.

Enrollment & Class Schedules:
Haynesfield serves approximately 400 students in grades PK-5. There are typically 3 classes per grade level in grades K-5. Students participate in one special area class per day (Art, Library, Music, PE, PLAY) and receive Guidance Class once every four weeks.

ANCHOR & Intervention Courses (30 minutes daily)
  All students participate in at least 30 minutes a day of some kind of intervention.  Students may be pulled to work with interventionist or a tutor to work on previously taught skills, as well as, preview upcoming skills.  These interventions are designed to close any skills gaps a student may have while building the student's confidence in the subject area.
Other students may stay with a classroom teacher and receive more practice in grade level standards to ensure they have a strong base in which to build upon with grade level material.

At Haynesfield we strive for each child to be successful academically, behaviorally, and emotionally. Through our CANES code approach, we address the whole child and the many diverse abilities and needs of each student.  Our staff is in it's second year of training to become Trauma Informed and its first year in a pilot program with UT Knoxville in combining our RTI A and B efforts (Interventions for both Academic and Behavior).  
We strive to build strong brains, hearts, and minds through specifically teaching expectations and traits to help us provide a positive learning environment. We recognize those efforts through morning shout outs, CANES code stickers, phone calls home, and end of nine-weeks recognitions.

Circular logo explaining the character traits-Courteous, Aware, Necessary, Engaged, Serving


Every student, K-5, will participate in three clubs throughout the year.  Club day happens once a month with students participating in the same club three times before going into a different club. Students are able to participate in three different clubs in a school year.
Our clubs range from cookie making and decorating, STEM through literature, Upcycling art, Nutrition, bird watching and many more.  Teachers have designed their sponsored club around an activity they enjoy and want to share with kiddos. 

Environmental and Safety Conditions

A surveillance camera monitors all entrances of the building, hallways and common areas. All entrance doors are locked during the school day so that visitors must enter through the front door, report to the office, sign in, and obtain a visitor's pass prior to entering the classroom area of the building. We also have a full time SRO officer.


Haynesfield School's current facilities, completed in November 1966, include 20 classrooms, an art room, a music/band room, a school counselor's room, a cafeteria, a gymnasium with a stage area, a library/media center, a teacher's lounge, an office with a clinic area, and several storage areas throughout the building. In 2011 Haynesfield was updated with new energy efficient windows, heating and cooling units, lighting, dropped ceilings in several classrooms and water saving devices for utilities. Improvements continued in 2012 with a new paved parking lot and interior doors.

Haynesfield School is located on 201 Bluff City Highway on 5.9 acres of land. Parking facilities are available curbside in front of the building and in the parking lot at the rear of the building. Students enjoy an outdoor basketball court and two playground areas with playing fields large enough for football or soccer practice and kickball games. The high school baseball field is located behind the back parking lot. The Haynesfield community pool and fire station are located immediately west of the school property.

Historical Background

Haynesfield Elementary School is one of five elementary schools in the Bristol Tennessee City School System. Prior to 1926, it was known as Haynes Chapel School, a one-room school housed in a small country chapel built on land belonging to Judge H. Haynes. In March 1926, a group of parents formed the Haynes Chapel PTA and petitioned the Sullivan County Board of Education to build a new school to meet the needs of the growing community. The Board agreed to build the school if the PTA provided the land.

Judge Haynes sold and traded some real estate, thus procuring the tract of land upon which the present school is located. Construction of the original building was completed in April 1927. The original building consisted of four classrooms and a basement with two indoor toilet facilities. Judge Haynes's generosity and concern for the community is remembered through the school named after him, Haynesfield Elementary School.

In the summer of 1927, the city annexed the neighborhood surrounding the school, and Haynesfield Elementary School became part of the Bristol Tennessee City School System. According to old office records, the enrollment circa 1929 was 120 students in four classrooms, grades 1 - 4.

Additions were made to the building in 1939, 1949, and 1957-58. In 1965, the city voted to raze both the original building and the 1939 addition to make room for new construction that incorporated the 1949 and the 1957-58 addition.

1977- Ms. Elizabeth Hickam 
1978 - Mr. David Wise
1981 - Dr. Steve Dixon
1993 - Ms. Jean Price
1995 - Dr. Rick McInturf
1998 - Dr. Kyle Evans
2006 - Dr. Amy Scott
2012 - Dr. Rachel Walk
2020- Ms. Tanika Hardin

Mascot: Haynesfield Hurricanes Colors: Red, Maroon, Gold, Black


Today, I pledge to act in such a way that I will be proud of myself. I will be: engaged, challenge and inspired. I have come to school to learn, and I will learn, I will have a good day.

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